De-rusting in progress

De-rust tools and parts using electrolysis

Rusty ViseBefore mounting this rusty vise to my workbench I want to clean it up and give it a lick of paint. This way it will be as good as new and it will serve me for years to come.

De-rusting tools and parts can be done by using wire brushes, sandpaper, steel wool or commercially available rust removing products. Another option is to use the process of electrolysis to easily remove (and partly revert) rust.

Creating the set-up for the removal of rust with electrolysis is fairly easy and doesn’t require any special parts or tools. A quick trip to the DIY store is sufficient to acquire all items needed.

Shopping list

  • Container
  • Wire clamps
  • Electrical wire
  • Crimp-on wire connectors
  • Rebarb
  • Banana connectors
  • Washing soda


  • Drill
  • Drill bit

Let's get started!

Measure the thickness and distance between the legs of the wire clamps.

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