About “A Guy From Belgium”

A Guy From Belgium was started to document the restoration of a classic 1985 Citroën 2CV Spécial that has been sitting in my backyard for over 7 years. After it failed technical inspection it was stored inside, outside and under a carport. Although I have fond memories of cruising it along les routes nationales during multiple holidays in France I have failed to keep it decent condition. The car has been deteriorated over the past years until the point is it utterly shameful. So now I decided to take up the daunting task of restoring it and preserve it for my offspring! Or… because I just want to drive it again. The journey of getting this funny looking car back on the road will be filled with challenges as I’m not a trained mechanic.

A very neglected 1985 Citroën 2CV Spécial enjoying a ray of sunlight on a warm Belgian sunny evening.

The projects documented on this website will not be limited to the car restoration project and might include building my own tools, some woodworking and other miscellaneous tasks (which might even involve tortoises). Please join me on my journey and help me learn a thing or two!